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Rubber Type Natural Class A rubber and Synthetic Blends
Center Part Japanese Steel
Center Part Finish Decorative Chrome
Center Hole 50 mm
Accuracy of Weight +/- 100 grams
Diameter 450.0 mm
Warranty 5 years


Uesaka’s Atlanta Series Bumper Plates are available in four color-coded weight increments:

  • 10kg – Green – 36.8mm thickness – €369 per pair
  • 15kg – Yellow – 43.69mm thickness – €485 per pair
  • 20kg – Blue – 52.95mm thickness – €515 per pair
  • 25kg – Red – 61.36mm thickness – €545 per pair

Prices excluding VAT.

Custom laser engraving is available on all Atlanta Training Bumper Plates. Contact us for pricing and design information.


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